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Efiscens was created by Irène Serot Almeras.

After more than 20 years dedicated to the management of organizations (NGOs and foundations) in the field of development and environmental protection in several countries, she wanted to put her convictions at the service of these organizations. 

Convinced that the future of international solidarity relies on solid philanthropy, increased participation of the private sector and a sustainable local civil society, she wishes to participate through Efiscens as a hummingbird.

Observations that led us to Efiscens 

The so-called development "milieu" has been experiencing a turning point in recent years, after several decades of concrete actions on the ground.

Le milieu dit de développement vit depuis ces dernières années un tournant, après plusieurs décennies de mise en oeuvre d'actions concrètes sur le terrain.

More and more funders are reaffirming their new policy towards localization of aid, but for this transition to take place, LNGOs must have the capacity to manage this new windfall.

Gender equality, inclusive education, vocational training for all and entrepreneurship are at the heart of solutions to reduce inequalities.

Philanthropy, formerly somewhat absent in Africa, is more than just emerging, and great African philanthropists are joining and sometimes surpassing their brothers and sisters in the North.

Private Sector is being asked to participate more and more in the context of their CSR

Major international organizations are coming together and reiterating their desire to set up the "localization of aid".

Efiscens   Pour des actions solidaires, concrètes, efficaces et pérennes           Dakar/Praia