What we can do for your organization

Efiscens is at the service of local NGOs leaders based and acting in Francophone African countries who wish to solve problems felt in their organization in order to improve the efficiency of their actions.

We propose to support them according to their needs in particular in:

  • Human Resources Management,

  • Rationalization of the NGO' organization for better efficiency, 

  • Project writing in French and English,

  • Events (forums, seminars..)

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects

​We offer our services to existing foundations : participatory process to identify actors likely to be supported, monitoring of projects, evaluations, capitalization ...

We give advice to philanthropists or to companies which, would like to embark on the implementation of concrete and effective actions in the social and / or environmental field, in developing countries: Concerted definition of a strategy, a method of intervention ..



To carry out actions on the ground that are sustainable, it is necessary to benefit from a solid structure. After having identified your needs together, we propose a shared diagnosis, we identify together the areas of improvement and we accompany you throughout the process.

We can help you set up your human resources management system, propose a concerted plan of reorganization, advise you on the management techniques to adopt ...

identification, MONITORING, évaluation OF PROJECTS



You do not really know what you want to do, but you know that you want to dedicate funds to actors who carry out social activities in Africa.

We help you build your strategy :

witch actions?

for what kind of impact?

What is the bet way to obtain results expected?

How to choose the best partners on the ground?


Logical Framework, Objectively Verifiable Indicators, Sub-Objectives, Expected Outcomes, Risk Analysis, Hypothesis undermining actions ...,

A program within the project!

We read your project giving you a feedback with the "eye of the funder" to improve your chances to be chosen when you decide to respond to a call for proposals


Depending on your needs, we can undertake specific actions : recruitments, events' organization..


recrutement ONG

Some services are offered "pro bono", including those corresponding to the support we offer to NGOs /who wish to receive an opinion on their document before presenting a proposal to donors.

Suivi Evaluation de Projets

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